Sunday, March 15, 2009

9 Weeks out....

Well I am 9 weeks out and have decided to give myself the day off, before I really kick it into high gear. I am tired and my body is telling me so. Actually it is my feet and shins! LOL!!!!

No it is really just that sometimes you need a break and I need one right now. I probably should wait till next week since I am having lasik and probably wont want to do anything then either.....but today is the day and I will push through next week.

Other than that I have been spot on diet and training, however the weight is not moving...I look leaner, but the scale isnt saying I am! O-well life goes on and the show is still over 2 months away! I have time!

I guess for now that is enough......I never have much to say...not sure why I started a blog life is busy, but dull.!