Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

OMG, what a long day!!! I missed my workout, but at least I got all my Christmas shopping done!! I did a lot of walking too, so I guess that accounts for something, right? Well I am going to count it.

I expected the shopping to be insane today but it wasnt, thank god!! I got everything on my must have list and then some, but at least I am finished....broke, but finished!

I will be doing my missed workout tomorrow at some point in time...I also have to dig out and put up the Christmas tree and lights.....on top of cleaning the house and doing laundry...O the tasks never end!! O-well I guess it keeps me busy and moving which helps to keep my bodyfat down! LOL!!!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Turkey day....I sure did. I ate way to much!!! So for me it is back to 100% clean eating and workouts on Monday. I am getting fluffy and I dont want to get so fluffy that I need a whole new wardrobe!!!

Okay enough for today, I am beat!!! Have a wonderful night!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am really tired today, not looking forward to going to work, but what choice do I have...need to work in order pay for competition and my trainer! LOL!!! Plus there are only two more days in the workweek thank goodness!!

Not much substantial to say today.

I have shoulders at the gym today and I cant wait for that. I really wish working out was my job...wouldnt that be a dream.....maybe some day. But I doubt it!!

Okay off to that dreaded job of mine!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Goal in site

Since it is a new week I have decided that I need a goal to set for myself. I am so used to having a comp to prepare for that right now I have lost my motivation. Well I have found it. I am just over a month away from a girls trip to that is my new goal. That is my motivation, to look good in Vegas! Who wants to go to sin city looking we all want to go there looking hot and there it is, there is, my new motivation!!!! Vegas Baby!!!!