Monday, November 24, 2008

Goal in site

Since it is a new week I have decided that I need a goal to set for myself. I am so used to having a comp to prepare for that right now I have lost my motivation. Well I have found it. I am just over a month away from a girls trip to that is my new goal. That is my motivation, to look good in Vegas! Who wants to go to sin city looking we all want to go there looking hot and there it is, there is, my new motivation!!!! Vegas Baby!!!!


April said...

You'll be fine Cori! You need a bit of a relaxation period you know it. Just don't overdo it like I did with the chocolate this weekend LOL! Your body is a machine and whatever you do you'll turn into muscle anyhow :) You rock!

Heart said...

ha ha ha!! I wish my body was a machine.....turning everything into muscle!! I feel like a puffer fish right now, only with really defined arms! LOL!! The arms never seem to go away, which is a good thing!

Now you girly need to keep your hand out of the candy jar!!! You said you wanted to stay lean for your cruise next year...I am holding you accountable!!