Sunday, December 7, 2008

I've found myself in a bit of a slump that past few days/weeks. I am not sure exactly what it is, but I am not feeling happy. I have no reason not to be happy, but I am not...and I am not sure why. Maybe it is just the stress of work, the holiday, and not having my competition body right now. I also had a bit of a set back with some vacation arrangements, but those have since cleared up and eased some of my stress. I probably just need a vacation!!!

My competition season is quickly approaching and I am getting a bit nervous about that also. I dont know if I will be competing in the WNBF or the IFPA organization. It really sucks being a new PRO competitor and then being thrown the loop of changing organizations....especially since I dont fully understand all this in the first first competition ever was in October of 2007, then last year I competed nine times...with the NANBF, it isnt like I ever relaxed enough to learn the in and outs of the organizations....I really feel lost.

I was in control when I knew what was going on and what was expected of me, now I am lost and have no idea of what I need to do.....I am most likely over reacting, because that is just who I am, but I like to have everything planned out and organized...and right now I have no idea when my first competition in 2009 will be....I think that is what is really weighing on me....not knowing.

Okay enough ranting for today....I need to cook some healthy food and get myself back in the game...I know I am competing with PRO's in 09, so I need to train and eat like a PRO!!!! That is something to work with, something I know, something that is in concrete!!!!


mikeyrosie000 said...

Cori, Sorry to hear you are not feeling so great emotionally. You have had a long hard training year and your body is probably just stressed..I think once you have your great Vegas vacation you will be ready to hit it hard again!

Peaches*n*Cream said...

Hey Cori, hope you are feeling better. You know its not normal to be super lean year round :D I miss the lean look too. You will be back in it before you know it.