Monday, February 2, 2009

Injured today! :0(

Well today I was all hyped up and excited because I got my computer back! Been without it now for 3 days and I now realize that I am addicted to my computer and my online community of friends!

My day had a turn for the worse! I was doing my chest workout finished doing decline flys, worked my way over to the smith machine did all 5 sets of flat bench presses and even hit a personal record of 120lbs for six, and then I set up for incline presses, had 70lbs on the bar, lifted it up had no problem for three reps, then number four, and whamoo!!! A massive pain, not sure if it was a tear, a stretch, a bone going in the wrong direction or what but I couldn't move for about 5 minutes. I couldn't even lift my head up! It took everything I had to not ball my eyes out right there in the gym! I managed to get up get changed, and call my chiropractor who got me in as soon as he could. 2:30 came and he advised me that I had torn a ligament on my C7 (whatever exactly that meant), all I know is that he made it sound that the C7 was not a very good place to have out of whack! So I was adjusted and told to ice it for 15 minutes every hour. And to come back on Saturday. I was also told that if it hurts or pulls at all to stop what I am doing and ice it. So I am currently de-railed! It is a good thing I am still over 14 weeks out!

Called Tony to let him know about it too, and he said he was posting a leg workout for me tomorrow so I can rest it, and let the muscles recover!

Okay enough sob is bed time! Till we meet again........


Anonymous said...

oh ouch! Don't you just hate injuries...they are just not in the plan ;) lol 14 weeks, plenty of time! Hope it heals quickly for you!

Heart said...

Hey Stac...thanks! Pulled it again today...good thing I am going back to the Chiro on Saturday! Read your blog today....sorry you are in a bad place right now. You should be pumped about the Arnold and being on that stage! I will be praying for you that things pick up and life hands you a really good day or two....or heck not days, but months!!!!