Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 8, has been a really off day!

Not sure why but today has been really off. I have been having really bad headaches and a stiff neck. I only started to feel this way after I returned home from Vegas for a new years mini vacation. I am sure it is just that I am overly tired, but it has really thrown off my day. I am not one to complain, but I hate missing a workout or a meal......crazy I know but it is the honest to god truth!

I am just over 20 weeks out from my first Pro level competition and I am really starting to freak out about it. I know I will be ready, but the idea of actually flying and spending all that money to get to an event is making me focus more on being 100% and coming in, in the best shape I possibly can!

I have added some muscle I know that, and because of the mass, I have added some weight......I know in Bodybuilding adding weight can be good, but it scares me, that it isnt the good solid quality muscle under that fat that I am hoping it to be!

I am probably over analyzing everything but that is part of being a perfectionist....I want perfection! That is why I am so "anal" about my diet and exercise plan. I have to be 100% all the time or I feel I have failed. I do not want to fail...........


Michael said...

Cori you are not going to fail. You are doing this and you're going to look YOUR best EVER!

I know you already know I this, but a female mind is wishy washy and it's good to hear it from others~

April said...

Oops, that was me :)

mikeyrosie000 said...

ori from the Vegas pics tah I saw you put on nice lean muscle there is not alot of fat to shead so stop freaking out, You will do amazing at the natural pro level.

You work your ass off and it really shows!